Access to critical business information is vital for every organization for improved operational efficiency. Data2Mobility enables business users to securely access and retrieve required enterprise data online or offline from mobile devices anytime, anywhere for handling key data driven decisions. Data2Mobility is an innovative data driven Business Intelligence and Analytics platform that is both customizable and adaptable to meet your unique business needs.

Data2Mobility platform enables business users with swift and data driven decisions. It helps to seamlessly work with enterprise data online or offline by providing quick and secure access to the enterprise data.

Users will have all permitted analytics and visualizations, displayed via web browser on their mobile devices.

Data2Mobility brings data discovery to your mobile device using a native application that can easily be customized to client requirements. Available for iOS and Android devices, Data2Mobility provides quick and secure access to data. Once correctly authenticated, users can easily access all their business data without having to re-authenticate. The admin can upload reports, which can be viewed instantly by all authorized users.

How does Data2Mobility work?

Data2Mobility has two components: Command Center and Mobile Visualization.
Command Center manages your users and defines user access rules restricting user access based on allowed data or KPIs. You can even specify how many devices each user is allowed access on.
Business data from various sources will be moved to a secure SQL Server database via


Once users log in from the mobile app they will see all permitted analytics and visualizations, displayed via web browser. End users love the mobile app for enabling swift, data-driven decisions.

One native app to control, manage, and monitor all your enterprise data

Share: Alerts users of profile updates, sales trends, KPI changes and any important authorized data via push notifications.

Notifications: View and compare performance trends by date, department or any other dimension in your preferred format, including line charts, bar charts and spider or doughnut graphs.

Compare: An intuitive dashboard gives quick access to all key reports in one place.

Reports: An intuitive dashboard gives quick access to all key reports in one place.

Key Features Of Data2Mobility :

  • Over the Air App update: The application gets updated automatically over the air (wireless updates).
  • Dedicated Sync: New data updates will be synced with the device using push notifications as back-end changes occur.
  • Offline Capability and Cache Management: Data can be accessed even without internet connectivity, as the cache provides in-memory storage and data management.
  • Highly secured: All devices are authenticated with a Device Unique ID and credentials. Each device is known and controlled by the Command Center.
  • Access : Retrieve and access to enterprise data on any number of devices or users.
  • Authentication : Experience secure role-based authentication for different type of users
  • Performance and Scalability : Deployment of native apps for best performance and scalability.
  • Analytics & Reporting Capabilities : Power packed with extensive data analytics and reporting capabilities

Data challenges that Data2Mobility address are:

  • Data integration from multiple sources
  • Timely analysis
  • Ensure data is secured
  • Getting the relevant information into the right hands

Data2Mobility Business Benefits

  • 24×7 access to business-critical information and insights
  • Speedy, data-driven business decisions
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Faster and more responsive customer engagement
  • Improved visibility to remote operations
  • Faster issue resolution

Data2Mobility Business Model

Data2Mobility aligns with your organization’s business processes and work flows. The following are steps from start to end.


We identify and understand the existing business processes and workflows to devise the best data mobility strategy for your organization.


We develop a customized native application that fits into your organizational goals, which can seamlessly improve workflows and, increase collaboration and productivity.


Users will be sent an authentication link to download the Data2Mobility mobile client. Once
authenticated, users will have access to all applications for their role within the enterprise, and will automatically receive updates when there is a change to an application or the device operating system.


Our post-deployment support includes performing adhoc and as-need customization or configuration. Any changes and updates will be executed on the back-end without affecting the existing business work flows.

How TimeXtender helps you gain better data insights…

Discovery Hub™ from TimeXtender is a new comprehensive approach to business intelligence that brings together the best of both worlds: governance and self-service. It enables business leaders to rapidly access and interprets data they know they can trust. And it frees IT from tedious and redundant tasks that can readily be automated. With Discovery Hub™, you can:

  • Provide business users with access to the data they need when they need it
  • Maintain governance, security, and control
  • Dramatically reduce the backlog of IT requests
  • Rapidly respond to business change

Discovery Hub™ is fully integrated, delivering faster time to value with fewer resources. It is the first truly combined platform covering the disciplines needed for an organization to expose all relevant data to the business in a usable and agile way. With Discovery Hub™, there is no need for standalone data preparation and data blending, catalog, or data quality tools.




Overcome Enterprise Data Challenges

Anytime Anywhere

Anytime Anywhere

Anytime Anywhere

Access Business Data Anytime Anywhere Securely on Mobile

Mobile Visualization

Mobile Visualizations

Mobile Visualizations

Get Permitted Analytics & Visualizations on Mobile

Reports & Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Generate Reports and Analytics to Make Data Driven Decisions


One-Stop-Solution For Big Data, Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics
“On – Premise” & “On-Cloud”



Data2Mobility is an initiative of DEFTeam solutions. Data2Mobility is a premier onsite/offshore software solutions and services company with offices across the United States, Dubai and India. Data2Mobility is a global leader in consulting and system integration services, for an end-to-end custom built Data Warehouse, BI and Predictive Intelligence solutions provider both on premise and on-cloud.

We utilize open source, enterprise and in-memory BI and analytical tools to architect a solution that utilizes “best of breed” features of tools and tames structured and unstructured “Big Data” (Hadoop, Columnar, NoSQL databases and Data Appliances) to provide a lower TCO feature rich solution. We have been rated as market leaders in delivering world class enterprise Analytic solutions.


Data2Mobility is a group of driven and experienced professionals with backgrounds in technology, Business Intelligence, predictive Analytics, Data modeling and Big data. Our team has extensive experience and understanding of the cultural, social and economic environments of the markets in which we operate.

Data2Mobility mission is to implement feature rich, best breed of solutions to our customers. Our team uses open source BI and “in-memory” analytics to architect required industry vertical solution which utilizes “best of breed” features of tools, both structured and unstructured data “Big data” like hadoop and columnar databases to provide best feature rich solution.

Data2Mobility provides “End-to-End” development on all BI related modules that includes ETL – Data extraction / Modeling / Data mart creation, Dashboard creation, Report development and Cube (OLAP – Mondrian) creation and then extending it to Predictive Analytics.



About Data2Mobility

Data2Mobility is a SAAS platform that brings corporate data on to a mobile device(iOS/Android) in a secure and scalable manner by using “Command Center” control panel which authenticates and ensures the delivery of “right information” to the “right user” using a device specific native custom visualization. Data2Mobility specializes in complete suite of BI and Predictive Analytics, provides end to end development on all BI related modules that includes ETL part and then extending it to Predictive Analytics.

D2M delivers data driven intelligence right on your phone. It is a data driven Business Intelligence and Analytics platform that is both customizable and adaptable to meet the unique requirement of business enterprises. It is a solution that enables business users with swift and data driven decisions. Users can seamlessly work online or offline on enterprise data. Users rightly authenticated will have all permitted analytics and visualizations, displayed via a web browser on mobile devices. Enterprises across various industries have integrated Data2Mobility to derive informed business decisions over the mobile to enhance and streamline their business operations.


Data2Mobility rides on the strength of strong Bigdata, BI and Analytics partner ecosystem encircled with our parent company DEFTeam. Data2Mobility has partnered with industry-leading vendors and has long list of strategic platform, solutions partners and alliances to accomplish all our client implementations. All our partnerships and alliances are based on consultative analysis of the business requirements in implementing end to end development BI & Analytic solutions.




India address  

India address


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P.O.Box 340505, Almas Tower,
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